You want to feel better, but you're unsure where to start.

There is so much health information out there,
it can be confusing to know what is best for you.

You want an easy to follow approach based on your health objectives, one that answers your individual health needs.

I get it! And I’m here to support you on your path to feeling better

Hi I am Karen,

And I do what I do because it feels completely right and I have not wavered from this thought in the last 14 years.

I feel I can make a difference in people’s lives and help them on their journey to wellness.

It makes sense to me that you (as my client) are the one in control, you make the decisions, what I do is show you the signposts and provide education to help you make decisions about your health that you feel are intuitively right.

I qualified as a nutritionist in 2006 and as a naturopath and herbalist in 2007. I completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Medicine a few years later. I have been in clinical practice since this time, and have also enjoyed other work as a lecturer in naturopathy and nutrition at Endeavour College of Natural Medicine as well as working in the natural medicine industry as an educator and trainer, specialising in communicating to health care professionals like me.

I have also recently completed a course in Transformational Meditation facilitation with the aim of using these skills in practice to help my clients learn about mindfulness and its evidence-based health benefits.

my 6-week Ultimate Wellness Programme is the quickest way
to get you looking great and feeling better

Book Your Initial Consultation

We meet in person on the Northern Beaches of Sydney or via Skype to discuss your desired health outcomes and how to reach your goals.


At the initial consultation, I develop an achievable plan working with your health needs – it will include dietary, lifestyle, nutritional
supplementation and herbal medicine recommendations.

Follow up & feel better

With 3 included follow up sessions and email support, I’m with you to encourage and mentor you on your wellness journey.

The Ultimate Wellness Programme is offered via Face to Face and Skype consults for $450

After following the recommendations on your Ultimate Wellness Programme you can expect to feel more;
  • Energised
  • Healthy
  • Knowledgeable (about your health and what impacts it)
  • Vital
  • Clear
  • Calm
  • In-control
Want a quick start? These are my go-to naturopathic remedies that always make me feel better.
Afternoon fatigue, make sure your lunch is packed with protein and fibre, normally it is the blood sugar dip that is going to make you feel rubbish if you have a carbohydrate-heavy lunch. So say ‘goodbye’ to that sandwich and say ‘hello’ to a salad containing the colours of the rainbow and some protein in the form of meat, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts, seeds, sprouts or beans. Also, check your hydration (fatigue is a sign of dehydration).
Feeling bloated, use the 3 teabag trick to get a really strong brew, choose the bloat reducing chamomile, fennel and peppermint. Put these 3 tea bags in a tea pot to steep with the lid on (to keep the essential oils in) and so it can get nice and strong. Repeat this as needed.
Cold coming on, this is when you want to go hard with a good immune-boosting herbal supplement, my two favourites here are echinacea and andrographis, paired with the immune-enhancing nutritional vitamins C and zinc.
Reoccurring headaches, stress is a major contributing factors to 50% of headache suffers so it makes sense to tackle the stress and receive a helping hand from a stress-relieving nutrient, magnesium.
Holidaying, and want to be prepared. My top packed supplements would be 1) a probiotic containing protective sacromyces boulardi paired with 2) a supplement containing lactoferrin and 3) immune-boosting echinacea or andrographis. This would take care of tummy troubles and immune blips.
Naturopathic note: The type of each nutrient chosen, the brand and the dosage taken, is what makes the difference between it working or not. All supplements are not made equal.
Are you ready to feel better?