So where the heck have I been? And why the so-long blog silence?

Well something quite exceptional happened to me in late 2018, I discovered I was pregnant.

The exceptional bit is I had recently turned 44 years and didn’t think my ovaries had it in them to muster up a viable egg. My partner and I had been trying for a baby for 10 years, and after a rocky road with significant heartache along the way, we had quite simply given up on being parents, so to become pregnant (at my age!) was up there with the greatest of miracle blessings.

The miracle continued, as I had a good pregnancy and my belly grew. For the first 20 weeks we told only our Mums and one or two dear friends such was our anxiety that we might lose this pregnancy just as we had lost others that had gone before.

Once we got successfully past the 10 week scan and genetic check, the 12 week check and then the 20 week morphological scan and were told that our baby looked healthy and well, the prospect of having our baby became real and I was able to turn my head towards the birth, and more to the point how I wanted to birth. Until that point, the need to protect my vulnerable heart, could hardly allow me to believe that this could be my baby.

From my previous losses, I had significant anxiety and fear around birth so I focused my energies on building my feeling of psychological safety and support. My partner is loving and supportive, still I needed another, and I found that in my doula, Kath. In a future post, I will fully explain just how integral to our positive birth experience having a doula (and Kath particularly) was for us. However, for now, let me just say, I found my obstetrician to be diminishing in my power and capabilities to birth naturally, whilst Kath through her support and education made me feel strong, empowered and capable to birth the way I wanted, which was a natural physiological birth with minimal intervention.

In August 2019, at 41 weeks, our long awaited darling was born unexpectedly. There is a birth story waiting to told here, still for now, I will say that our little girl, Gwenevere Frances was born into a oxytocin-rich, positive birth experience (and in the current hospital environment and at my age this is no small feat!).

As I write this, she is sleeping in our bed, and the feeling of gratitude is continually present. This photo was taken when she was only 12 days old still teeny tiny. Fast forward to today, she is 8 months. She is a happy and smiley little one that lights up my life every day.

So that’s why the blog silence. I am a natural introvert, and I travel through some of the biggest times of my life somewhat inward turned and quiet. I write the blogs, often in my head, or sometimes on my computer to be ever unpublished, however I feel I have something I want to share, and that’s my continued passion for natural health, particularly in the area of fertility, pregnancy, positive birthing and post-natal healing.

So share I will. And hopefully with a bit more frequency. Please stay tuned….

Our doula: When I first met Kathryn Bell  I knew I had found our doula. Throughout she was quite simply the most wonderful support, she guided us through with fantastic positive birth education and so much generosity of spirit. Without her, things would have been very different, she was absolute key to Gwenevere’s gentle and positive birth.

Photo credit: A dear friend gifted two photo sessions, pre and post birth with a wonderful photographer Deanna Gerlach, the type of gal you want to have at these special times. We are so grateful for Dee’s time, warmth and all the special memories she captured for us.